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  • hosted
  • 1st Mar 2011
Lonely Sexy Housewife Meets The Maniac Repairman
The wives sexy long legs were irresistible to him and he trows her on the couch..
  • hosted
  • 7th Feb 2011
Crying Girl Tied Up And Brutally Fucked By Intruder
She didn't look the door, now she has to face the consequences
There Is NO Retreat Now For Busty Milf
Extreme video of busty milf forced to fuck
Marvelous Teen Experiences Very Very Rough Sex
She's been stripped, spread and stretched!
Extreme Example Of Wrong Place Wrong Time For Skinny Blonde
She has no choice and is forced to fuck in every position..
  • hosted
  • 6th Feb 2011
Female Bank Employees Taken Hostage By Relentless Robbers
The robbers let everyone know they're serious by fucking them roughly!
  • hosted
  • 6th Feb 2011
Girl Brutally Attacked And Fucked By Intruders
It's a shameful way to be your first time..
  • hosted
  • 6th Feb 2011
I'm Pulling Off Your Clothes And You Better Not Say NO!
Innocent girl better get ready for some serious pussy and ass pounding by this perverted boy
Poor Lil Girl In Tears Screaming For Mercy
When this pervert puts his massive cock inside her lil ass it goes bad
Please Stop Touching Me Mister
Soldiers find a poor lonely girl after months of having sex, bad luck for her...
Boy Brutally Fucks Mature Lady After School
Poor lady didn't know what to do
  • hosted
  • 5th Feb 2011
Her Worst Day Ever When Her Neighbor Came To Visit Her
They will never ever talk about this again..
  • teen
  • 13th Mar 2011
The First And Most Painful Penetration Shes Ever Had
So much for sex being a totally enjoyable experience. She won't be doing this again anytime soon
  • hosted
  • 5th Feb 2011
She Made a Huge Mistake To Wear a Little Skirt That Day
Two of her brothers friends wanted to wait inside, too bad her little skirt made them want to fuck
  • teen
  • 13th Mar 2011
Teen Never Expected To Get So Roughly Fucked
Skinny German teen gets massive load on her tight pussy
Poor Girl Brutally Fucked In Dads Garage
Her life definitely isn't same after this unlucky day!
  • hosted
  • 5th Feb 2011
Female Reporter Kidnapped And Brutally Fucked By Terrorists
Dumb blonde reporter taken by real terrorists and videotaped how they fuck her
  • hosted
  • 5th Feb 2011
Girl Forever Regrets Working In This Chinese Restaurant
She's too afraid.. and gets brutally fucked by the chef
It's Time For You To Lose Your Virginity Loser
Shy weak boy has no choice and is forced by two schoolmates
  • hosted
  • 4th Feb 2011
Madman Broke Into Poor Girl's Apartment
No one heard the poor girl when she got fucked in every tight hole by intruder
  • hosted
  • 4th Feb 2011
Old Perverted Man Teaches Teen Girl Not To Play With Him
She has no place to go and better not resist
  • hosted
  • 1st Feb 2011
Intruders Have No Mercy And Surprise Her From Behind
A horrible fuck happened that day when she was alone in the kitchen
  • hosted
  • 26th Jan 2010
Take This You Unthankful Lil Bitch!
Teen girl cock teased the wrong guys and gets abused.
  • hosted
  • 23rd Jan 2010
Young Teens Harsh Experience With a Much Older Guy
Inexperienced teen girl gets some rough lessons from this older dude.
  • hosted
  • 2nd Jul 2010
Naughty Wife Punished Hard With No Mercy
Huge juicy tits and a great ass, this guy knows what to do to the bitch!
  • hosted
  • 2nd Jul 2010
Grandpa Goes Nuts On Scared Teen After a Lil Blue Pill Got Him An Erection Again
At first she's scared for this grandpa, but she never had it as brutal like this before!
  • hosted
  • 18th Jun 2010
My Daughters Horny Friend Crawls Into My Bed And Want Me To Pound Her
Tight is an understatement, but with me spitting on her and pushing hard it got in deep..
  • hosted
  • 16th Jun 2010
Poor Busty Girl Roughly Taken By A Very Bad Man
She did not expect this to happen and has to deal with it...
  • hosted
  • 15th Jun 2010
Crazy Young Bitches Take Advantage Of Poor Neighbor
They beat him up and they won't let him get away without a brutal fuck!
  • hosted
  • 14th Jun 2010
Girls Abuse And Fuck a Young Nerdy Guy In a Forest
He was lost in the forest when suddenly these two girls show up and roughly abuse and fuck him!
This Is a Bad Way To Treat a Helpless Lil Girl
Roughly fucked for no reason..
  • hosted
  • 3rd Jun 2010
Poor Teen Knows It Will Be A Brutal Fuck
Scared teen knows what is coming for her.
  • hosted
  • 18th May 2010
Hot Milf Goes From Having A Boring Day To A Day She Will Never Forget
Three perverted burglars on the job end up in the bedroom with this a shocked milf.
Old Pervert Violates Young Pussy
On her parents bed poor girl gets roughly fucked in her very tight teen pussy by this brutal pervert.
  • hosted
  • 12th May 2010
Brothers Cross a Line By Roughly Fucking Their Passed Out Step Sister
Used and abused teenie, it's a shame..
  • hosted
  • 9th May 2010
Poor Teen Girl Brutally Fucked By Repairman
She was home alone. Their parents thought she could be alone but they were very wrong..
  • hosted
  • 7th May 2010
Bosses Daughter Abused By Mad Employee
He was fired that morning, and came back for revenge..
  • teen
  • 19th May 2010
Watch Out Girl! Her Daddy Will Not Be So Nice..
Daddy roughly fucks his daughters girlfriend when she is alone in his daughters room.
  • mature
  • 19th May 2010
 He wants revenge on girlfriends Mom
He always had the desire to brutally fuck her mom, last week it became a reality.
  • hosted
  • 8th Apr 2010
You Better Listen To Him Or It Will End Bad
She gets what she deserves with seducing him all the time!
  • mature
  • Special video
Big Tit Mommy Thinks She's All Alone Reading On The Couch
But is she alone?

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