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Teen Assaulted And Fucked While Sleeping
No one will ever know what happened that night.
  • hosted
  • 1st Mar 2011
Boy Wakes Up With Mommy Begging For His Cock
He could not believe his eyes. His friends mom is determined to get her pussy filled with the boys cock.
  • hosted
  • 1st Mar 2011
Cute Teen Assaulted Badly While Sleeping
It was her first time drinking alcohol and fell asleep on a strangers couch.
  • hosted
  • 1st Mar 2011
Innocent Teengirl Marked For Life By Perverted Sicko
This couple likes playing crazy games...
  • hosted
  • 7th Feb 2011
Teen Falls Asleep In A Very Bad Position
Sleeping like this was stupid, the people in this house will totally abuse that naive girl!
  • taboo
  • 23rd Apr 2011
Lil Step Sister Passed Out And Assaulted By Perverted Stepbro
She wakes up later with sperm dripping out of her virgin pussy..
  • mature
  • 6th Feb 2011
Boy Was Sleeping And Woke Up With a Shocking View
Sleeping at my friends house wasn't such a good idea
  • teen
  • 13th Mar 2011
Now He Knows Why He Sometimes Wakes Up With a Sore Dick
His younger friends sister is the reason!
  • teen
  • 1st Mar 2011
NEVER Fall Asleep Drunk At This Man's Home!
She is friends with his daughter, well.. not anymore...
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  • 15th Feb 2011
Boy Waited His Whole Life For a Chance Like This
And when he stays home alone with his girlfriend's drunk mom he finally makes his dream come true!
  • hosted
  • 3rd Jul 2010
Sleeping Beauty Attacked and Brutally Fucked By Stranger
Some stranger is taking advantage of a beautiful sleeping girl..
Boy Spies On Hot Neighbour And Woke Her Up By Accident
..she tells him she was dreaming to be the best cock rider!
I Fucked my friends Totally Wasted Lil Sister
She starts crying for no reason so I comforted her in my own way.
  • hosted
  • 13th May 2010
Dad Is Evil And Goes To His Daughters Girlfriends Bedroom To Fuck a Sleeping Teen
Girlfriends daddy had no problem enjoying her tight pussy.
  • hosted
  • 12th May 2010
Brothers Cross a Line By Roughly Fucking Their Passed Out Step Sister
Used and abused teenie, it's a shame..
  • taboo
  • 5th Jul 2010
Hot Aunty Prepared most Perfect Awakening for Sleeping Nephew
OMG! I would like to have such aunty when I was a boy..
  • mature
  • 7th Nov 2009
Mummy fucks sleeping Drunk Teen Boy
She was a sexual predator and couldn't control herself.
  • hosted
  • 1st Jun 2009
This Is How he Finds His friends Mom on the couch
He will give this sleeping mom something to fill up her wet holes!
  • hosted
  • 2nd May 2009
Sleeping Mom Gets a Horny Visitor
Boy cant keep his hands off of her, he actually pulls out his cock to fuck her!
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  • 2nd May 2009
Unconscious Sleeping Girl Gets fucked Hard
She was Unconscious Sleeping and i took advantage of this to fuck this bitch
  • hosted
  • 1st Apr 2009
Horny Boy Fucked His Girlfriends Horny Mom
The horny bastard goes to the moms bedroom when she suddenly wakes up!
  • milf
  • 31st Mar 2009
Sleeping Mom Awoken by Sons Curious Friend
He started playing with her pussy while she slept and then forced his dick into her mouth before fucking her.
  • hosted
  • 13th Mar 2009
Sleeping Slut With Big Tits Roughly Fucked
Her brothers friend comes in and sees her sleeping on the couch. He's gonna have a lil fun with her!
Sleeping Mom abused by Three burglars
She was alone and sleeping when 3 burglars entered and abused her!
  • hosted
  • 12th Feb 2009
Naughty Boy Fucks a Sleeping Mommy
At night this boy sneaks into his friends Mom bedroom.
  • hosted
  • 18th Jan 2009
I Dont Care if She is Sleeping
I was pounding that pussy with brutal force, so that kinda woke her up.
  • milf
  • 2nd May 2009
Sleeping Mom Is About To Meet The Neighbors Boy
Neighbour boy sneaks into her house, knowing that she is all alone he pulls out his young cock and while she's sleeping...
  • milf
  • 27th Dec 2008
Drunk boys Snuck thru the Window to Fuck Sleeping Mummy
They came to their friends house, all drunk like asses and saw his mom sleeping...
We Are Not Here To Rob You Lady...
But We Will Take Something From You...
  • milf
  • 19th Dec 2008
Sleeping Aunt Awaken by Strange Noise coming from Slobbery Dude
Young freaky dude sneaks into mature woman's room with thinking that she will not wake up! She woke up and tries to escape but without luck!
Friends Sleeping Sister Got Banged By My Horny Dad
Dad always had an eye on my friends sleeping siter, now the bastard fucked her in her sleep!
Brother Chances Upon Sisters Sleeping Friend
He couldn't contain himself when he found her sleeping on his sisters bed.
  • mature
  • 4th Dec 2008
Crazy Boy Fucked Sleeping Girlfriend's Mom
He put something in her drink, gets her naked, fucked her and dressed her again like nothing happens...
  • teen
  • 11th May 2010
Young babysitter was waked up by father's cock
Sexy young babysitter was awakened by a horny step father and fucked in the ass on the couch.
  • teen
  • 24th Nov 2008
Fucking and Cuming On Sleeping Girls Face
I bet she got pissed badly.
Teen gets Roughly Banged in her Sleep, Thanks to dad..
Her dad shouldn't have let his friend alone with her, how stupid. His friend goes to her room to check on her but ends up shoving his huge black cock deep into her tight wet pussy!
  • mature
  • 16th Nov 2008
Young Guy with a Boner watching Sleeping Aunt and gets Caught!
At first she was amazed, but looking at his young hard dick, she decides to finally fuck again!
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  • 9th Nov 2008
Milf is doing the neighbors boy while he's sleeping
She goes in his room, and gets horny because he's sleeping naked. He woke up and she roughly forced him to fuck!
Horny Slut Fucks Poor Sleeping Man
He just got back from work but this bitch has no mercy for him, she's been waiting for cock all day.
Young Couple Caught Babysitter Sleeping Instead of Watching Their Sons
She was totally wasted from party last night and fall a sleep in their sons bed!
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  • Special video
Big Tit Mommy Thinks She's All Alone Reading On The Couch
But is she alone?

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Boy Wakes Up With Mommy Begging For His Cock
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Cute Teen Assaulted Badly While Sleeping
It was her first time drinking alcohol and fell asleep on a strangers couch.
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Innocent Teengirl Marked For Life By Perverted Sicko
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